Christiansen Creative

Celebrating fifteen years of design.

Design worth celebrating.

We've reached a few milestones — 100 happy clients, 250 industry kudos, and this year we say huzzah to fifteen years of loving what we do. Our studio believes in the bold, the simple, the smart and the unexpected – but above all, in making a difference. Like our wide array of clients, our equally diverse designs all have this in common: a meaningful story, good intent and an ambitious plan. Welcome to Christiansen Creative, we are a graphic design studio.

Smart design, better business.

We’d tell you our renovated 1880s church-turned-studio is where the magic happens – but there’s no magic to it. We’re simply a special breed with the perfect mix of smarts, technical skills and creative edge. Getting to live out our passion is just a bonus.

Our team is your team.

Most of our clients have come to us through referrals, about 95% to be exact. Some are still with us over a decade later from independent local businesses, to nationally known organizations. Simply put, our clients trust us. We make your goals our priority and provide our very best work, every single time. We have no "A-team" or "B-team" – it's always Team CC. Even the smallest project goes through the same process with the same team as our biggest work.

There’s only one thing better than a win-win.

A triple win – because, with us, there are three sides to every design story. When our clients' work achieves their goals, that’s a win for them. As our clients come back for more, that’s our win. Finally, the better we do, the more we give back to the community, and that’s everyone’s win. And so far, everyone has been winning big. We’re proud to have donated more than $10,000 in cash and another $110,000 in services during 2016.

News from the studio.

Once in awhile we want to share an update and this is where it’ll happen. Any new awards, people or puppies can be found in the posts below. Happy reading!

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