Our Interns are SCOUTs.

CC SCOUTs is a creative summer internship program that focuses our design interns on a pro bono project for local organizations. Over the course of three months, interns will explore real projects with the oversight of the entire team at Christiansen Creative. And like the entire CC team, we know the CC SCOUTs will be good stewards of the community and build on a foundation of learning and giving.

Our interns give a damn.

Being a CC SCOUT goes beyond a typical internship where the main goal is to support the internal team while gaining an understanding of industry process, roles, and communication. In addition to all of that, CC SCOUTs need to embody one of our studio’s main core values, giving a damn. A SCOUT in a nutshell will:

Serve: Be willing to give 100% to the organizations you’re working with

Create: Bring ideas and solutions to the table

Observe: Best practices from those around you

Unite: Connect your education and your practice

Thrive: Grow as a creative professional and as a positive community member


All of our interns have expected creative growth opportunities during their time at CC, but have also reported being pleasantly surprised to learn about the logistics and processes that make a business run smoothly, including:

  • How all roles function and communicate on projects
  • How all projects are organized on the server with multiple team members
  • How to manage and track time

CC interns do get to play a well-defined support role in exciting projects. However, our main focus is to bridge the gap between education and employment. Many of our past interns have gone on to work for amazing companies in the Twin Cities and beyond. And some have even stayed right here.


Summer 2018

Our summer design internship application is now closed. Please check back for future internship opportunities.



I think that working at CC is a great balance of working with large clients with strict brand guidelines and getting to do some ground up concepting as well. I certainly spoke to working within those guidelines and strict deadlines in interviews. I think you and the other designers presented plenty of great opportunities for me to grow and develop during my internship.

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