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Since 2002, we’ve earned 275+ kudos, awards, and recognitions. These include a nod to our creativity and design skills, industry-specific recognitions and also community-based awards. Below are some of the organizations that have recognized our efforts.

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Founding Mothers Award

The “Founding Mothers Award” recognizes an individual or organization that carries on the generous and innovative spirit of volunteerism demonstrated by Bellis (formerly Adoption Option Council of Minnesota) founders, all of whom were women. Here’s what Bellis had to say about Team CC:

“Christiansen Creative have never wavered in their passion for creating beautiful work for Bellis. Any concept put forward by AOCM is brought to a higher level — and brighter polish — by Christiansen Creative. Few nonprofits have this type of pro bono creative partnership. It greatly leverages the work of our volunteers and the contributions of our donors. Congratulations to Christiansen Creative on this prestigious award!”

Learn about Bellis »

Small Business of the Year

Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2012

Hudson is our Founder and Creative Director’s hometown, and we love this community. Which is why we were so excited to be given the title of Small Business of the Year in 2012. The chamber specifically noted our growth factor, starting in 2002 with one employee, one computer and just a few thousand dollars in sales. Our studio had grown steadily every year and thrived through the recession, which didn't seem amazing at the time — but it was.  After a decade, the studio had grown to nearly 10 full-time employees with an annual revenue of over one million dollars.

We were beyond honored to receive this recognition.

Green Design

Christiansen Creative featured in GDUSA, Green Design 2013

Since 2003, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) has been a staple resource in the design community. The publication aptly defined us as “a design firm that partners with organizations to create engaging and memorable communications.”

Here’s what we told GDUSA – and would like to share with you – about our environmentally conscious work:

“We’re very fortunate that the larger clients we partner with have very strong green initiatives that our work can complement. Internally, there are things we embrace that are simple, reduction of waste, reuse of printed documents, electronic – these are no brainers. But in between the large clients and our own studio, there are countless projects that allow us to push the message from green to sustainability. Some of our approach parallels with The Living Principles for Design. We’ve worked on campaigns that promote shop local to build local economy and reduce fuel. We partner with nonprofits to raise awareness and improve as a community our behavior. And even simple things like low cost options for start-ups that reduce materials and allow for growth.

We’re more than our collection of people and ideas, we’re part of a community that expands past our town. The goal is not to grow and bill, but to nurture and improve our own lives and the world around us. Other companies have a mission. We have a promise. On our honor, we pledge to serve our clients and our community, to do our best to be friendly, stay fair and true to our word, be responsible for our actions, respectful to others, do our very best at all times, make our community a better place, and enjoy our work and each other, every day, month and year.”

GDUSA Person to Watch

Tricia Christiansen listed as "People to Watch" in 2017 by GDUSA

This is a huge one that means the world. Here’s how GDUSA defines the recognition:

“GDUSA starts each year by choosing a group of people to watch who embody the spirit of the creative community.

Individuals we have come to know and respect for a combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service. In a field so deep in talent and broad in numbers, this is clearly a subjective process. Still, for five decades, it has seemed to work out pretty well: the roster of past participants is star-studded, to say the least. The 2017 group adds to the glow.”

Click here to see Tricia's profile.

“I've worked with so many talented designers and great design firms over the years. Christiansen Creative is among the very best. Just love the culture and attitude that Tricia Christiansen brings to her people and their work.”


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