Just a quick peek.

Christiansen Creative works on so many different types of projects for a variety of clients, it’s hard to represent fifteen years of work. Consider our mini gallery a quick reference of our work. Want to see more? Email us and request a kit!

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Ad: American Registry of Radiologic Technologists


Ad: Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin


Ad: CentraCare Health

h2h ad

Ad: Heart2Heart, Hudson Hospital & Clinics

Henry Ford Ad

Ad: Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Hello Hudson ad

Ad: Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

Hudson Hospital ad

Ad: Hudson Hospital & Clinics, St. Croix Valley

Sabre ad

Ad: Sabre

Schwans ad

Ad: Schwans

355 BC

Business Card: 355 Productions

bloom BC

Business Card: Bloom Health

CC Card House

Business Card: Christiansen Creative

DougSpongCompany BC

Business Card: Doug Spong Co.

HellotheHouse BC

Business Card: Hello the House


Business Card: Robert Prevost Public Relations

Spree BC

Business Card: Spree Touring


Business Card: St. Croix Souvenir Company


Business Card: Suite 812


CC Scouts

FeelingGoodMN Website

Digital: CentraCare Health, Feeling Good MN Website


Digital: CyberPower, E-book

heart to hudson website

Digital: Hudson Chamber of Commerce, Valentine’s Day Promotional Site

Hello Hudson web

Digital: Hudson Hospital & Clinics, Social Media Campaign


Digital: Hudson Hospital & Clinics, Website

Hudson Schools Website

Digital: Hudson School District, Website

Gambling animation.jpg

Digital: Northstar Problem Gambling, Animation Series

voting animation

Digital: Survey & Ballot Systems, Digital Campaign


Digital: The Phipps Center for the Arts, Website

ARRT toolkit kit

Kit: American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

Deluxe kit

Kit: BI Worldwide

Move Simple kit

Kit: BI Worldwide, Verizon

DGA kit

Kit: Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

Deluxe binder kit

Kit: Deluxe Financial Services

EXPO13 kit

Kit: Deluxe Financial Services


Kit: Intrinsic Leadership

Lifetime kit

Kit: Lifetime Fitness

StoneTap kit

Kit: Stone Tap

Bellis Logo

Logo: Bellis

Bricks Logo

Logo: Bricks

DougSpong Logo

Logo: Doug Spong Co.

First Street Station Logo

Logo: First Street Station

Raider Logo

Logo: Hudson Schools


Logo: Robert Prevost Public Relations

Purple Tree Logo

Logo: The Purple Tree

Wilder Logo

Logo: The Wilder Scratch Kitchen

3M Light Packaging

Packaging: 3M

Bricks Packaging

Packaging: Bricks

Hollmans Packaging

Packaging: Hollmans

Lulu Packaging

Packaging: Lulu Soaps


Packaging: People Serving People

Ren Faire Packaging

Packaging: Ren Faire


Packaging: SproutWorthy

Stone Tap

Packaging: Stone Tap

UOV Packaging

Packaging: Urban Olive and Vine

AIGA poster

Poster: AIGA

Prairie Burn Poster

Poster: Camp St. Croix

CC Coffee poster

Poster: Christiansen Creative


Poster: Christiansen Creative

StarWars Poster

Poster: Christiansen Creative

Heart to hudson poster

Poster: Hudson Chamber of Commerce

Starlight Gala posters

Poster: People Serving People

RVT poster

Poster: River Valley Trails


Poster: Space St. Croix

Stories Print

Print: American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

FeelingGoodMN Print

Print: CentraCare Health

OBBWM Journal print

Print: CentraCare Health

CC Journal Print

Print: Christiansen Creative

Deluxe 100 yrs Print

Print: Deluxe Financial Services

Expo13 Print

Print: Deluxe Financial Services

Thrive Print

Print: Hudson Hospitals & Clinics


Print: Lakes Region EMS

Interity Print

Print: Marvin Windows and Doors – Integrity


Spaces: CentraCare Health


Spaces: CyberPower

DGA Spaces

Spaces: Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship


Spaces: Hudson Hospitals & Clinics

Marvin Windows and Doors Exhibit

Spaces: Integrity Windows and Doors

Marvin Windows and Doors
IBS 2015, Las Vegas
Marvin Windows and Doors
Padgett and Company Job#3842

Spaces: Marvin Windows and Doors


Spaces: Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin dwell Space

Spaces: Marvin Windows and Doors – Dwell

Purple Tree Space

Spaces: The Purple Tree

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